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What’s your approach to making music?

Modern Music for Funerals

Producer / Artist
I’m interested in how you guys work..
  • Do you normally have an idea before you create or touch the DAW?
  • Do you have a specific BPM that’s your go to?
  • Do you arrange the track upfront, length, markers etc?
  • Do you have a preferred track length?
  • Do you follow any traditional layout, intro, verse, chorus etc?
  • What’s your normal starter, pads, drones, percussion, fx, etc.?
  • How often you abandon tracks?


Tier 3 Contributor
Producer / Artist
Tenebris Membrum
No. These things usually start when I'm in the middle of a composition. I often abandon tracks but I always convince myself I am going to work on them.


Tier 2 Established
Producer / Artist
Tenebris Membrum
The more I randomize these choices initially (and stay flexible with my choices later on), the better my compositions tend to be or at least the more interested I am in the direction it is heading. I actually never abandon a track unless asked to.