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The Winter Sale by Spitfire Audio​

Spitfire Audio, don't need an introduction! One of my most used collections, absolutely stunning work, top-grade..

I already own the collection, so no good for me (let's out a scream as we paid full-price;).

So many recommendations here, things like the BBCSO:​

+++ Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Professional -----> 40% Off


+++ Albion Neo
+++ Albion One
+++ Albion III Icini
+++ Albion IV Uist
+++ Albion Tundra

+++ Hans Zimmer Perussion || +++ Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional || +++ Hans Zimmer Drums || +++ Hans Zimmer Piano || +++ Hans Zimmer Strings || +++ Hans Zimmer Professional Collection

+++ eDNA Earth

+++ Orbis

+++ Abbey Road One

+++ Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions || +++ The whole Ólafur Arnalds Collection is amazing..

+++ BT Phobos

Their Winter Sale is now on for this week, ending 31st December 2020.

+++ Spitfire Audio