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So people keep telling me I make ambient music... not convinced... Here's my latest...


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Tenebris Membrum
Yes I started composing on Chromebook in late July after my live gigs stopped and am at about 80 tracks. At the moment having released the one above yesterday, I am finishing my next singer songwriter album, I got the vocals back from the studio and am dropping them in. Today's track even has my wife on backing vocals!

Modern Music for Funerals

Producer / Artist
Vocals would be so cool to work with, we have an enormous collection of mics, I collect them, irony being none of us can sing..

It would be nice to work with some, on the reader for post lockdown, find a local vocalist etc..

We purchased an Apollo X 8p in the summer, dying to try it out properly, that and the x16 are just sat there underused atm..