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Modern Music for Funerals

Producer / Artist
Something I enjoyed making.. Totally stole the video idea...

ATSUHIKO - Final Marker​


SciFi Ambient Soundscape. Final Marker was the last edition to my Album 'Platform'. I wanted something darker, more desperate than the others and this was the end result. Mainly created using Omnispsher and Spitfire Audio instance, with various types of Reverb.

The track captures the furthest boundary of a race humanity is about to discover. Set in the moment we drift from the known to the unknown.

I actually had so much fun making this, it really sits heavy on the low-frequency ranges, so a good set of speakers or headphones are a must really, or the track will sit flat and empty..

Sounds & DAW

Ableton Live
Spectrasonics Omnisphere
U-He Zebra
Native Instruments Straylight
Native Instruments Pharlight
Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Professional
Spitfire Audio Albion One
Spitfire Audio Albion Neo
Spitfire Audio Orbis
Spitfire Audio Earth
Output Analogue Brass & Winds
Luftrum Lunaris


Audioease Altiverb 7 XL
Eventide Blackhole
TC Electronic VSS3
Fabfilter Pro-R
Fabfilter Timeless 2
Fabfilter Saturn 2
Fabfilter C2
Fabfilter Pro Q 3
Izotope Neutron 3
Izotope Ozone 9
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
Cableguys ShaperBox