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Noob Question, Starting out in Hardware Modular

Modern Music for Funerals

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So thinking of starting to build a collection and I'd like to know any tips or mistakes/regrets people have made.

This is a totally new area for me, thinking about where to start.. With that in mind, I'd go big, getting the right racks to build out a decent stack.

Budget is around £3k for this so... Where to start? I get the fundamentals of components but interested in peoples thoughts, journeis..




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Tenebris Membrum
Same here, this question led me here

I have been looking into a few of the Deopfer mods but not so sure where to start to be honest


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What kind of stuff do you want to do? Live dance music, dark ambient jams, noodling, building complex patches? If you have an idea of where you want your journey to start, sound/style wise, I can certainly make some recs... It is a "starting spot" so it doesn't need to be your end all be all... And it's best to start really basic, learn your modules, how the interact together, etc. rather than jumping in to too much at once.... Some find it overwhelming if you start with too many options.