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Luftrum has always produced some of the greatest patches available. Based in Denmark Søren has been at the forefront of sound design, creating incredible packs for synths such as Omnisphere, Diva, Zrebra 2, Pigments, Hive, Iris, Reason, and Kontakt.. Just to name a few.

It's worth checking him out and I highly recommend looking into BIOSCAPE & LUNARIS which are extremely versatile NKS ready Kontakt instruments, more about that below..



+++ Synth Presets
+++ Free Sound Recordings
+++ Bioscape (Kontakt Instrument)

KONTAKT +++ Bioscape​

Field recordings merge together in a sonic kaleidoscope of found sound cinematics – from underscoring pads to drones, pulses and textures.

Bioscape is a 4.5GB Kontakt instrument that is based on field recordings and found sounds to create musical content, this gives you an unpolished, raw and organic dimension to your production.

Bioscape is particularly suitable for game and film score composers but works extremely well with ambient music, music concréte, sound healing, music therapy or as a standalone experimental instrument.

Bioscape contains hundreds of field recordings and found sounds from hydrophonic desert wind to abandoned factory drones, from ghostly ringing rocks to cracking icy rivers, all sorted in different sound categories. Using the sound material, a team of world-renowned sound designers have crafted over 320 presets sorted in categories from pulses to pads, textures, ASMR, drones, playable and effects.

Within the DNA of Bioscape is a multifaceted instrument that on one side can sound as atonal and dark as you want and on the other side produce the most ethereal and light timbres.

Bioscape is made for and licensed to the free Kontakt Player so you do not need the full version of Kontakt to play Bioscape. It is fully NKS compatible and supports drag & drop, so you can use your own sounds and samples. It is installed directly in Native Access, just enter the serial number and click install.

Bioscape is also one of the most extensive samples manipulating engines ever created for the Kontakt platform. That’s just an extra bonus and we won’t really advertise it as being so… we are way too modest to do that.

If you prefer a presentation with sounds and visuals, then head directly to the 2-minute Bioscape teaser (click) on YouTube and save the full length (click) 30-minute Bioscape vid to later.

KONTAKT +++ Lunaris​

Lunaris v1.5 is a pad instrument, containing pads only from classic analogue pads to lush ambient pads, cinematic pads and any pads in between including 30 original Luftrum pads from the Prophet-6. Lunaris also contains sequenced pads, underscoring elements and a selection of dark, avantgarde and obscure pads. Lunaris is 4.5GB and ships with over 500 presets created by world-class sound designers such as Arksun, Bigtone, Himalaya, Luftrum, Sonic Underworld, Martin Walker, Adam Pietruszko, Twolegs Toneworks and Brandon Clark.

At the heart of Lunaris are 2700 meticulously hand trimmed samples, collected in over 200 sound sources of multi-sampled pads, field recordings, synth transients and soundscapes available to mix, sculpt and shape into the perfect pad structure.

Not only is Lunaris a dream pad machine, but it is also a full-bodied creative tool that can excel at anything from soundscapes to synth leads, as well as drones and organic textures, complementing both the producer, composer and the sound designer.

Lunaris is licensed to and made for the free Kontakt Player so the full version of Kontakt is not required. It will run without limits in the free Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt v5.6.8 or later, and can be loaded directly in your DAW as any other plugin, no other software is needed to run Lunaris. It will also load in Propellerhead Reason 9.5 and later, which adds VST to Reason. Lunaris is NKS ready and designed for use with Komplete Kontrol and Machine.


We highly recommend checking LUFTRUM's catalogue, without fail, they are our go-to patches, alongside Tom Wolfe, and Matt from The Unfinished. It's as if all patches were made for us, deep cinematic soundscapes, pounding effects and truly dark spaces..

The offerings here, including the Bioscape & Lunaris Kontakt instruments, are great additions to any collection. If you are looking for deeper, more aesthetic, out of this world type patches and sounds, the collection is a must-have.

Søren also does a great deal for charity, trust me, it's worth checking that out alone..


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