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I've experienced a total lack of motivation of late... What's your method of getting back on track..


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My lack of motivation is usually some form of anxiety. It's when making music has suddenly become too much work and the whole thing invokes this sense of obligation and dread.

Do you have any instruments, or a piece gear that you can tear away from the main setup? I would bring it into the living room and just goof around on it with the tv on. Just for fun. No obligations or anything. It's surprising how many good ideas have come from this.


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This will be a random string of ideas.....but first, give yourself a break. :)
Go do something different... like macaroni art or basket-weaving. Maybe read a sci-fi novel and make a soundtrack in your head while you read. Inspiration comes in 2 modes for me: absorb and expel. Consider yourself in an absorb mode right now. Listen to other peoples music, maybe in a genre different from your own (this works for me sometimes). When I am totally locked up (see AD's anxiety descriptor above), I make a sound set of 10-20 presets on my favorite (or even my less used) VST or hardware synth. Go through some tutorials on youtube for some of your gear you don't spend that much time in and deep dive into it's features. Pick up a new instrument or learn some new chords.
Always allow yourself to take a break from your art. You aren't driving an ambulance or performing open heart surgery. You're making music and you first and foremost should personally enjoy it. In no time you'll be 'expelling' so much you won't have enough room on your hard drive to hold all of the ideas.
My 2 cents.