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FEATURED ARTIST - Northumbria - Winter Solstice Mix

DARK Sounds

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Another superb post by the DarK Ambient gods, Cryo Chamber.. Winter Solstice Mix by Northumbria, is an epic audio experience. One of my favourites this year!

Heading from Toronto, Northumbria consist of Jim Field and Dorian Williamson. Formed in 2011, Northumbria produce world-class soundscapes and dark ambient backdrops, the stuff that either gives you nightmares or takes on one hell of a ride!

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Cryo Chamber​

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Cryo Chamber is a global Dark Ambient Record Label with it's home in Oregon, USA.

Run by Simon Heath of cult projects Atrium Carceri/Sabled Sun we focus on cinematic soundscapes of the highest quality. This due to the philosophy of sound design that our artists use.

Cryo Chamber's works are often featured in films, games and art installations and are described as dark soundtracks for creatives.

Jamie Alan

Tenebris Membrum
Thanks for this.. I have to say Cryo Chamber are just amazing, nothing comes close.

As for Northumbria, I've never heard of them until now so thanks.