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DJ Tech Tool - Midi Fighter Twister Track Select?

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Posting this in the hope SEO picks it up and spreads to the world..

I'm using Bitwigs & Ableton and with either of them I am trying to find out if it's possible to have the DJ Tech Tools Midi Fighter Twister assign itself to the current track that is selected.. I'll try and explain better.

So, I have for Diva on track one and have assigned various knobs to the plugin.

Whenever I select another track and enter the plugin there, say Omnisphere.. The Twister stays assigned to the Diva only.

I guess in my head, I was hoping the Midi Fighter Twister would auto-switch accordingly, but then I think about it harder and I am not sure that even makes sense.. I guess I am thinking along the lines of Push2, when ever yous elect a track the control focuses to that track.

Anyone out there that knows would be cool!