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  1. Modern Music for Funerals

    ATSUHIKO - Final marker - Ya gunna need a sub

    Something I enjoyed making.. Totally stole the video idea... ATSUHIKO - Final Marker Construct SciFi Ambient Soundscape. Final Marker was the last edition to my Album 'Platform'. I wanted something darker, more desperate than the others and this was the end result. Mainly created using...
  2. DARK Sounds

    The Unfinished Christmas Sale 40% off

    Hey everyone, Matt from The Unfinished, has launched a Christmas promotion, with up to 40% off. Trust me, if you are an Omnisphere or Zebra fan, these are a must! Enter the discount code THEWOLVESARERUNNING following the link below. Sale ends on New Year's Eve. Have fun shopping! Fill your...