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  1. Modern Music for Funerals

    Spitfire Audio Contemporary Drama Toolkit

    Purchased this last week, despite it being built in Kontakt and not their new standalone platform, it's actually really nice.. Mind you, in the player, it does mean you stack them up easily, which is nice, especially for layering the sounds. It's cool, getting some use out of it already and it...
  2. DARK Sounds

    SPITFIRE AUDIO Winter Sale

    The Winter Sale by Spitfire Audio Spitfire Audio, don't need an introduction! One of my most used collections, absolutely stunning work, top-grade.. I already own the collection, so no good for me (let's out a scream as we paid full-price;). So many recommendations here, things like the...
  3. Modern Music for Funerals

    Shamefully add this again to kick it off in here..

    Something I enjoyed making.. Totally stole the video idea... ATSUHIKO - Final Marker Construct SciFi Ambient Soundscape. Final Marker was the last edition to my Album 'Platform'. I wanted something darker, more desperate than the others and this was the end result. Mainly created using...