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  1. Modern Music for Funerals

    Free to use Sounds - Are awesome and amazing for the price! Definitely, worth checking these guys out, they travel the world and pay for it selling samples.. Great collection and the bundle is really cheap! Plus at the moment they have an offer for $20 - all their libraries over 300 of them;) +++ Full Sound...
  2. DARK Sounds

    SOUNDSNAP | Thought i'd share this gem, my go to location for foley, ambient, and most other samples I use.

    I've been a member of Soundsnap for a few years now and while it does feel on the pricy side for a years subscription, it's a fantastic resource, the library is immense, especially for building Kontakt libraries or simply dragging them in. There is a monthly sub, but adding the annual plan...
  3. DARK Sounds

    NASA Space Sounds

  4. DARK Sounds

    [[[[ AMAZING OFFER ]]]] ---> FREETOUSESOUNDS Complete Sound FX Collection on Sale $12

    Thumbs Up From Dark Sounds These guys are simply amazing.. The quality and vastness of their libraries is incredible.. For $12 over the Christmas period, you just can't go wrong here! THIS COLLECTION IS IMMENSE!!!!!!! Instructions Simply enter the Coupon: HAPPYHOLIDAY on checkout...
  5. DARK Sounds


    Thumbs Up From Dark Sounds I've been following this amazing couple for a few years now. Not only am I completely jealous of their lifestyle, but they produce (hands-down) dome of the best Foley audio samples around. Having spoken with these guys a few times, I have to say their mission and...