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  1. Modern Music for Funerals

    Blue Planet - Just released.. Little bit of Carl Sagan for fun..
  2. Modern Music for Funerals


    FLAG | Moder Music for Funerals Created in: Ableton Live, Studio One 5. Flag is a slight twist from the stuff we normally produce. Leaning towards neo-classical, Flag is a collection of warm pulsing synths with classical elements such as choir, violins, cellos, percussion, and various brass...
  3. DARK Sounds

    Elizabeth Crompton

    I was searching through Bandcamp yesterday looking for some inspiration (as you do) and came across Elizabeth Crompton's page.. Elizabeth Crompton Same Thing Still This is The End...
  4. DARK Sounds

    Spines/Slopes EP - Crest Of The Syndicate Just found this guy on Twitter, awesome EP. +++ Crest of Syndicate
  5. Modern Music for Funerals

    Tranquility Beach

    Tranquility Beach ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎 Beach | Ambient soundscape, capturing the sounds of Playa Del Carmon, as I sat watching the sun disappear for the final night of our trip. Backed by slowly building synth pads that morph across the audio sound space...
  6. DARK Sounds

    This is just stunning music, I'm in total jaw-drop mode.. Neo-Classical at its best..

    I mean really stunning, #inLove
  7. MeganCC

    Anyone have some music I can listen to?

    Ergh! I sound like one of those tweets :( But what you guys got, any recommendations for me?
  8. Modern Music for Funerals

    Finally got there! Released [A Transmutation of Friendship]

    Well, this has been a nightmare for me.. Almost a year with production block and I finally got around to closing this one off tonight.. A Transmutation of Friendship is a little distant from what I normally do, but its something I feel in love with quickly whilst making. Towards the end of the...
  9. DarkJulyOfficial

    New Music! Night In Metropolis.

    New track released on my soundcloud, let me know what you think!