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  1. DARK Sounds

    SOUNDSNAP | Thought i'd share this gem, my go to location for foley, ambient, and most other samples I use.

    I've been a member of Soundsnap for a few years now and while it does feel on the pricy side for a years subscription, it's a fantastic resource, the library is immense, especially for building Kontakt libraries or simply dragging them in. There is a monthly sub, but adding the annual plan...
  2. DARK Sounds

    [[[[ AMAZING OFFER ]]]] ---> FREETOUSESOUNDS Complete Sound FX Collection on Sale $12

    Thumbs Up From Dark Sounds These guys are simply amazing.. The quality and vastness of their libraries is incredible.. For $12 over the Christmas period, you just can't go wrong here! THIS COLLECTION IS IMMENSE!!!!!!! Instructions Simply enter the Coupon: HAPPYHOLIDAY on checkout...
  3. DARK Sounds


    Thumbs Up From Dark Sounds I've been following this amazing couple for a few years now. Not only am I completely jealous of their lifestyle, but they produce (hands-down) dome of the best Foley audio samples around. Having spoken with these guys a few times, I have to say their mission and...