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  1. Modern Music for Funerals

    Output on Sale
  2. DARK Sounds

    ADSR - Brain by Thenatan $12.50

    Brain By Thenatan Intelligent Generative VST, Brain is an intelligent, generative soft-synth, that will randomly create a new patch at the click of a button, but unlike an ordinary synth, brain creates patches using a very unique sound-design algorithm. Currently on sale for $12.50 was $79.50...
  3. DARK Sounds

    Cherry Audio - 2020 Holiday Sale

    Cherry Audio Holiday 2020 Sale Ends Sunday, Dec. 27th REMINDER: Last call to take advantage of sales of up to 65% off. Get 50% off Voltage Modular Core and Ignite or download our intro pack, Voltage Modular Nucleus, FREE Up to 65% on modules from premium third-party module designers including...
  4. DARK Sounds

    ProjectSAM - Christmas Sale 30%

    Project SAM Get 30% off on almost all of our individual libraries and bundles, until Tuesday, December 29th 16:00 GMT. Make sure to use coupon code: XMAS2020 +++ ProjectSAM Sale
  5. DARK Sounds

    SPITFIRE AUDIO Winter Sale

    The Winter Sale by Spitfire Audio Spitfire Audio, don't need an introduction! One of my most used collections, absolutely stunning work, top-grade.. I already own the collection, so no good for me (let's out a scream as we paid full-price;). So many recommendations here, things like the...
  6. DARK Sounds

    Plugin Alliance Christmas Sale This speaks for itself!
  7. DARK Sounds

    [[[[ AMAZING OFFER ]]]] ---> FREETOUSESOUNDS Complete Sound FX Collection on Sale $12

    Thumbs Up From Dark Sounds These guys are simply amazing.. The quality and vastness of their libraries is incredible.. For $12 over the Christmas period, you just can't go wrong here! THIS COLLECTION IS IMMENSE!!!!!!! Instructions Simply enter the Coupon: HAPPYHOLIDAY on checkout...