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  1. DARK Sounds

    BitWig Release 3.3.1 knackered with my new Macbook Pro 16" CPU maxed out..

    Since the new upgrade/release my CPU level has hit the roof.. Totally nukes on almost anything.. At the moment, we have quite a low load, this project was hardly touching the sides before Christmas... Now it's terrible, with cracking and popping.. Gutted as before Xmas it was almost...
  2. Modern Music for Funerals

    DJ Tech Tool - Midi Fighter Twister Track Select?

    Posting this in the hope SEO picks it up and spreads to the world.. I'm using Bitwigs & Ableton and with either of them I am trying to find out if it's possible to have the DJ Tech Tools Midi Fighter Twister assign itself to the current track that is selected.. I'll try and explain better. So...
  3. Modern Music for Funerals

    BigWig Users?

    So after so many issues with Ableton crashing on my new 16" Macbook Pro, I've jumped ship and already love it..